Musicians – Beware the iPod!!

As mentioned in the last post, I have been doing a lot of walking recently. I am not naturally the energetic sort – in fact I probably held the record for thinking of excuses to get out of PE at school.

This newfound energy and activity is for one reason only – I’ve been told to lose weight and get more exercise or risk developing diabetes.


There are some quite pleasant walks around this area (I can’t always borrow a dog and climb the Malvern Hills!) but I’ve done most of them now, the noise of traffic drowns any chance of birdsong, so I’ve taken to plugging my earphones into my Palm Treo which has an MP3 player built in, and listening to that to relieve the boredom.

There are two problems with this;

1) I can’t walk at a pace other than that of the music. My legs just won’t do it! So to keep up the pace when the music is slow, I have to walk in quavers – and prestissimo just about kills me.

2) I was listening to West Side Story a couple of weeks ago and frightened the living daylights out of a passing elderly gentleman as I suddenly shouted “MAMBO!”. I suspect I might be singing to myself too, which would be all right for normal people but I generally sing the bass line…

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