December arrives!

Saturday 2nd December…

… a whole day playing the Broadwood grand piano at EASTNOR CASTLE as hundreds of people wandered through having a look during the Open Day and Christmas Fayre.

I live in a mid-terraced house with neighbours on one side who are not, to say the least, very keen on my music making. I rarely play my own spanking new piano (see blogs from December 05 and January 06) for my own pleasure because of this. The neighbours prefer; parents – Elvis, Carpenters etc – (which I don’t mind); son – drum and bass, as loud as possible.

So it was a pleasure to be able to sit and play and play and play – ok, much of it was Christmas music and I got a little tired of “Walking in the Air” but it was good to be adding to the entertainment and be able to let my hair down with a bit of boogey here and there!

The photo shows the queue of people waiting to see Father Christmas – er…well..actually, one of the TWO Father Christmasses. Confusing for children!

Oh and by the way … if you were wondering about the previous entry in my diary; the concert where I was playing the harp – I did it all on harp and didn’t take a keyboard at all in the end. I can’t say I played EVERY note perfectly but I did the important bits and I was 100% more harp than they would have had if I hadn’t been there! The conductor, a very impressive young man named Richard Laing, was very pleased with whatever I could play and made as many compromises and he could in order to accommodate my abilities on the harp! Bless him!!

Watch out for that name – I think he has a very bright future ahead of him. You heard it here first!

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