Tingle Bells

A friend asked in her blog what makes you feel that the Christmas tingle has begun.

Christmas starts for me when I stop rehearsing Christmas Carols and start to perform them – basically carol services and concerts for my schools. This year has been tricky because I’ve had a really bad chest infection and couldn’t sing along.

My Female Voices choir at Prince Henry’s really suffered – they coped valiantly, but normally I sing whatever part needs help as we go along and another member of staff sings 2nd soprano – she lost her voice too! Bless them, the girls responded by turning out in huge numbers and singing their socks off. This was my first term in charge – we performed Reger’s “The Virgin’s Slumber Song” – 3 part SSA version – and Elgar “The Snow” with two ever-so-talented 6th form violinists, Sam Carroll and Judith Richardson, playing the obbligato parts.

Today I should be rehearsing with my string quartet at New College, Worcester (college for blind and partially sighted) ready for their end of term concert tomorrow but I’m just not well enough to go and wouldn’t want to risk giving them my germs.

What else makes me feel Christmassy?

Decent costume drama on the telly, Dickens or suchlike. Little Dorrit did quite nicely for me this year, though I have been watching it tucked up on the settee at four in the morning between coughing fits!

Buying Radio Times – I never bother the rest of the year!

Knowing that there will be post EVERY day and lots of it. I send far too many cards (I always use one of my own photos and have them printed – this is the pic this year) but for many of the people on my list it’s the only contact I still have with them. If I were to cut down, it would be the people I see frequently I would chop off the list, not the ones from the dim and distant past.

Presents – in the weeks before Christmas I buy presents with particular people in mind. Then I put them in one place – on the bed in the spare room, this year. Christmas arrives for me the day I sort them out, probably change some of them around, and do the wrapping and labelling.

We are planning to spend some time filming the Level/Grade 4 theory modules over the Christmas holiday – if and when I get my voice back!! We have just bought a new widescreen, high definition camcorder for the job and the initial “footage” has been stunning. (Can you have “footage” when it saves to a hard drive??) Have a look at the Christmas message we shot outside Worcester Cathedral – you can get there from my home page.

So here’s wishing you a very Happy Christmas with lots of tingle factor and a healthy 2009 – CHEERS!!

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