Endangered Species?

Maybe not, so long as their are people like this around!

This is 14 year-old Lois, one of my Double Bass pupils – an absolutely delightful young lady. She hopes to have a career in music, possibly as a teacher. She already plays in the County Youth Orchestra and the County Jazz Band as well as supporting everything musical at school.

At the moment she has an instrument hired from the County Music Service but she’s aware that when she leaves school, she will need to have her own instrument and it needs to be one good enough to last her through at least until she is earning a wage – so, for the last year or more, she has been quietly fund-raising to buy her own double bass.

A few weeks ago I asked her how much she had raised so far.

“Nearly £2000.”
“Wow, how on earth have you done that?”
“Making cakes”

That’s a lot of cakes!

Tonight, she put on a Pudding Evening which Stephen and I thoroughly enjoyed. We were treated to SEVEN different desserts, beautifully prepared and presented and served in the dining room of her Grandparents’ house. Little sister helped serving drinks, Mum helped in the kitchen (and provided the ingredients!) and little brother, aged 2, kept us all entertained!

Sticky Toffee Pudding

I take my hat off to this family. Lois has so much enthusiasm and determination and is backed up not only by her entire family, but the whole of her village who keep finding more ideas for her and ways to support her efforts.

Congratulations, Lois!

Mint Chocolate Truffles

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Two items of news

The first is about our dear friend, Judith Taylor, fellow blogger of “Not Dead Yet” who this week has been named as a Runner-Up in the Digital Unite Silver Surfer Awards.
We spent a happy day with her in Portcullis House in London this week where she received a certificate and met her MP, Peter Lilley.

The second piece of news is that I have finally decided to put some effort into a cause which has bugged me for years…children not having time to be children because they have hours of homework to do every night of the week.

In my view, if a child, or a teenager, is working hard in school from 9am till 4pm – that’s enough! They should go home, relax, play the piano, go to sports training, visit granny, join Guides or Scouts, belong to a Youth Club – or (Heaven forbid!) sit in front of the telly or computer for a bit! Kids these days are SO stressed and it starts at a ridiculously young age.

So I have started a PETITION TO No.10 – if you click this link, it will take you to the page where you can sign it. Please do! And spread the word.

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I think I’ve arrived!!

Yesterday in Evesham school… lunchtime – long-haired, dyed blonde
lad with guitar in hand looking for a room to “practise” in.
“You can use mine – I’m about to take choir practice so I don’t need
it for 40 minutes.”
“Cool, miss”.

End of lunchtime – out of my room (about 8ft by 10ft and with full
drumkit in it) come three other equally colourful lads carrying amps,
drumsticks etc and one young girl, name of Paris, plum-coloured hair,
several chunky belts and chains (non uniform “jeans for genes” day) –
you get the picture.

I chatted with them for a bit

then Paris said “This is my piano teacher – she’s awesome!”

Lad behind her – “Yeah – she’s a Dude!”

Praise indeed!

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