Settling In

It’s been a while – sorry! We eventually moved house on 21st June. We had no internet until nearly the end of July so I’m still trying to catch up!

First of all, these were the ABRSM exam results for the summer term. Congratulations to;

David Pollard Theory 2 Merit

David Pollard Piano 1 Merit
Louisa Davis Cello 1 Pass
Andrew Hemming Piano 2 Distinction
Amy Surman Piano 2 Pass
Robert Ellis D.Bass 3 Distinction
Catherine Parkinson Singing 4 Pass

My new house is making a huge difference to my life and my teaching. I no longer have to worry about noise disturbing neighbours so I have been able to play whenever I like, as loud as I want, for as long as I feel like it. Pupils can make as much noise (nice or nasty!) as they can manage… and all my instruments, hi-fi and CDs are in one place. Billy the Bass no longer hides in a wardrobe, Rufus the Cello has come out from under the stairs, Mickey Keyboard isn’t in the loft in a box and Gabriel the harp isn’t lurking in the kitchen!!

What’s more, my huge collection of sheet music (catalogued, labelled and boxed in instrument order) is easily accessible in my study, also on the ground floor. Stephen redecorated the room and put up strong shelving to support the weight of it all.

The next task, now that we have the house and garden fairly organised, is to get back to making those theory modules. I have begun planning out the Grade 3 modules and we hope to get those out there for you within a couple of weeks, speedily followed by Grade 4 and 5.

It has been a year now since we made our first sale. Since then we have had customers in UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Poland and Brazil!!

But we haven’t made a fortune, so if you are one of our customers, please don’t be tempted to copy our videos and pass them on. Tell your musical friends what good value they are and encourage them to buy their own!

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