Spring Thoughts

It’s been a while since I last updated my diary. I wasn’t well over the Easter holiday, which was all over the place because Worcestershire schools were on holiday over Easter but Gloucestershire ones waited until those had gone back and THEN they broke up!

We have now completed making all the Level 3 videos and are just in the process of editing the bits and pieces necessary for the last one of the four to go on sale.

It was a good thing we did the filming before Easter. On Good Friday I sang with the Holgate Ensemble, conducted by David Barclay, in Stainer’s Crucifixion in St Michael’s Church, Tenbury Wells. It was freezing cold in there – no heating inside the church, snowing outside and windy both inside and out! In the middle of the last hymn, I started to cough and finished up having an asthma attack – which went on to become a bad chest infection and, as is usual with me in those circumstances, I lost my voice for about three weeks!

The week after Easter we went to London to see the Tutankhamun Exhibition, which was very interesting. We also visited the wonderful GLOBE THEATRE, worthy of a mention as I am writing this on 23rd April (the Bard’s Birthday!)


ST PAUL’S CATHEDRAL where I found myself getting very upset. It costs £10 to get in to the building. There were two of us. If we had gone to Westminster Abbey as well, that would have been a total of £40. I am a member of the Church of England. I don’t mind supporting …. but £40?? What annoyed me most was that they actually had the tills INSIDE the church. John 2:13-17 and Matthew 21:12, 13 came to mind. A den of thieves indeed. I was apalled. I’m sure if I had said I just wanted to pray, they’d have let me into some little quiet corner for the purpose and to salve their consciences. That would not have been enough.

I wanted to see what Wren had done for the Glory of God. I wanted to have a look at the organ. I wanted to see where my late friend Bishop Kenneth Woollcombe used to work and preach. I would even happily have paid a fee to be allowed to take photographs – none permitted.

Our heritage. Our heroes’ graves. God’s house.

Should we be forced to pay? I don’t believe we should.

We did!

Then I sat in the nave and cried.

Anyway – back to music, which is what I should be writing about!

I’ve just had a happy week playing for the wonderful Great Witley Operatics Society in Trial by Jury and The Sorceror.

Next month, CHANDOS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA starts rehearsals for Verdi Requiem, to be staged at SYMPHONY HALL, Birmingham on Sunday 8th June.

There are a lot of notes in the cello part – better go and do some more practice!

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