Duets Need TWO People!

Well, not necessarily.

Two weeks ago, Stephen discovered that duets existed for organ and piano. I was very sceptical – especially as the ones he had found were very evangelical, happy-clappy, American hymns, not at all my line of country!

Then he found Debussy’s Reverie on Youtube and managed to screen-grab every page of the score, do some magic in Word and print it out for me. By coincidence, the following day we were due to have the organist from Pershore Abbey, good friend Mike Pegg, and his wife round for an afternoon cup of tea. I rang Mike and told him to bring his organ shoes but I didn’t tell him why – unfortunately he forgot his glasses!

So I sat the poor man down at an organ he hadn’t seen before, without his reading glasses and we sight-read the whole thing. Here’s a recording…warts and all.

Having a search around the internet, I tracked down a copy of the book with the Debussy and 9 other arrangements on Amazon in the USA. It cost £12 including postage, though they wouldn’t send it to the UK. I have a cousin in San Diego, so Ruth has kindly taken delivery and forwarded it on to me.

Meanwhile, inspiration has struck and I’ve written my own arrangement of Grieg’s Notturno. Being the wonderful geek that he is, Stephen decided I could play both parts and he would video me playing a duet all on my own. It turned out to be one of the most difficult things I have ever attempted. To get the two to run simultaneously, I had to first of all record a version with the essence of both parts on it which I then had playing back in one ear while I played each part. Mind-boggling!

Anyway, the full version is now on YouTube at http://youtu.be/wSnwC37lpBk and you can purchase the sheet music from my shop.

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