Adults Taking up an Instrument

I don’t know whether you are aware, dear reader, but I have always taught a wide range of ages. The youngest pupil I ever had was 3yrs old and the eldest was 85. (She had very good vibrato in her left knee!!)

Currently, my oldest pupil is 77 and she has been with me, we reckon, for about 17 years learning and then just enjoying, cello. My youngest is a 7year old visually impaired girl, learning piano, who is an absolute joy to work with.

Believe it or not, adults are less reliable, in the sense of coming regularly, than children. They have grandchildren to look after, holidays to take in term time, the golf course to visit… They are often less reliable at practising between lessons too – they don’t usually have a Mum to nag them!

I  have not advertised for pupils since 1978 when I first moved back to Worcester. It’s usually word of mouth (or these days, profiles on internet sites) which brings pupils along. Sometimes I have a long waiting list, mainly for evening slots for school-age pupils. Occasionally I have spaces for adult day-time students. Recently I have had a few adults who have moved away from the area, so if you are thinking of taking up cello, double bass or piano or just need to brush up on your music theory or aural skills, you live near enough Worcester and are free on Mondays or Wednesdays during the day, why not drop me an email and learn a new skill.

It’s never too late to derive pleasure from making music!


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