One Good Turn…

In our local paper, The Evesham Journal, last week there was an article about a piano teacher in her eighties who is going blind and is having to pay £2,000 for a series of injections not available on the NHS, which should at least halt the progress of her deteriorating eye-sight and may indeed improve it.

I sent an email to the editor giving my story in brief and the details of the MUSICIANS’ BENEVOLENT FUND.

Several years ago I was very ill and had to have major surgery. It went wrong. It was done again. It went wrong again.

Then a dear friend idly wondered whether there might be such a thing as a Benevolent Fund for Musicians. I looked it up on the web, contacted them and they have been very much part of my life ever since! They paid for me to see a Professor in London and then for surgery in a private hospital in Wimbledon, to the tune of £7,500.

Every year they send a home visitor to see whether I am well and coping and every year at Christmas they send me a little gift.

All their work is paid for by charitable gifts and legacies. Personally, I have planned to put on a concert to raise funds for them but this hasn’t actually happened yet. My harp is left to them in my will – so at least I know they will get something back eventually!

So if you should happen to be looking for a good cause to support, may I suggest you should look no futher.

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