June is busting out all over…..

Talk about hectic – May was bad enough but I don’t think I have time to draw breath now until July 21st!

So what’s happening?

On Saturday I accompanied auditions for County Youth Orchestra for 6 hours…

Worcester Youth Music String Course this coming weekend – see last year’s report – this time 99 children are attending, a record for us!

Then there is John Frith’s concert (double bass) in Ledbury on Friday 30th to raise funds for MacMillan Nursing, followed by more auditions for the Intermediate Orchestra on Saturday 1st July.

On 6th July I am playing one of the piano parts in Carnival of the Animals in Malvern, again with County Youth Orchestra. There’s a concert on July 7th in one of my schools.

On July 16th I’m going RALLY DRIVING – my 50th birthday present!! Wheeeeeeee – sounds like fun!

Then the following morning at 4am I leave for Holland with my double bass and Pershore High School’s Orchestra of 27 children.

No peace for the wicked!

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