Miracles Do Happen

Re-reading the previous post, yes, I have been a bit down!


Yesterday I found a new home to move to in Drakes Broughton. I lived in that village for 16 years before I moved to Pershore, so I know I can live there comfortably. Although I would have preferred to stay in Pershore itself, the prices of anything from which I could run my teaching practice, were just too high for me.

The new house is a semi-detached whereas as this one is mid-terraced. The lounge, which I will use as my teaching room, is on the outside (no, NOT in the garden!) with an integral garage providing a buffer for sound between me and my neighbours.

The story of finding this house is an interesting one!

When we viewed a house in Drakes Broughton last Friday we
also saw that another, same basic design, was up for sale a few doors
down the road. We went to the estate agents mentioned on the board, who
swore they knew nothing about it!

The woman I spoke to assured me she was the administrator and if they
had a house in Drakes Broughton for sale then SHE would know about it. However, she
sent a minion round to look, who found their board but with the
Worcester Branch number on it. He phoned here rather apologetically
leaving a message to say he would look into it and send me details of the house.

A week passed and nothing came.

On Friday 23rd March, we went into the agents’ again and I spoke to the same lady.
She still knew nothing about it! So she made a couple of calls to the
Worcester office and to the person who deals with rentals in case
there was some mistake. Still they knew nothing about it!

She suggested we should go and knock on the door of the house and ask
them! I said I would knock on the door of the house and tell them to
change estate agent – she replied “It’s not good, is it?”

So we went round there. Nobody in but we put a note through the door asking them to ring us. A neighbour told us the owner was already furious with the agents for not getting her advert in the paper or the details of the house ready. Lisa, the owner, rang me at about 6pm and I told her what the agent had said to us. We arranged for us to view next day.

It was beautiful!

Then we went back this afternoon with daughter, Marianne in tow. She approved. I offered Lisa her price and she looked as if she was about to cry – so I burst into tears instead!

And we had a cuddle and we agreed. And it’s lovely!!

So do we think Lisa should have to pay the agents’ fee? No, we don’t but I
bet she will end up having to because we saw their board outside. No
justice. If you live in this area and are thinking of selling – don’t have a red “for sale” sign put outside your house, would be my advice! In fact, try selling on the internet first!

I thought tonight I would sleep better…but I was up writing this diary entry at 4.45am!!

Merrie England rehearsal today – hope I can keep my eyes open!

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Chandos Symphony Orchestra

It was stunning – well, the whole concert was good, but the slow 2nd movement of the Malcom Arnold Symphony number 5 has to rank as probably THE best sound I have ever heard Chandos produce. There was a magic which rarely happens – everybody watching and listening, responding to the moment and playing as one person, a sheen on the sound of the string section, the emotion of the music touching every one of us.

Michael Lloyd, you are a genius!! (That’s our conductor, in case you were in any doubt!)

I didn’t know this piece before. It will be among my favourites now for the rest of my days.

Meanwhile – I sold my house for the full asking price, just 9 days after the sign went up! So by using thelittlehousecompany.co.uk I have saved myself a whole £2,400 in estate agent’s fees!! Clever girl!

But now I have a large problem – there is nothing on the market around here at a price I can afford which will allow me to solve the problem of making lots of noise (or even music!) in my house without disturbing the neighbours. I just long to be able to burst into West Side story at the top of my voice or to say to a bunch of friends “Come on round and play some quartets” – is it too much to ask?

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“Spring is Sprung…

…the grass is riz”

I wonder where that little silly poem originated. Anyone know? Anyway, it’s March and as always, it’s a busy month.

Musically there is a CHANDOS concert on Sunday March 18th at 7.45pm in Malvern; Malcolm Arnold Symphony no 5 and the wonderful but devastatingly sad Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 6 which he finished only 3 days before he drank the fabled cholera-ridden water and died. I’ve put a link to the book-online page HERE.

The following week, I’m playing cello in MERRIE ENGLAND for Great Witley Operatics at the Swan Theatre Worcester.

Besides all that, I’ve just put my house up for sale because, although I love it, where it is, the garden, the view etc etc – I am in danger of drying up as a musician because in a terraced house, I just don’t feel I can annoy my neighbours with my own music on top of that of my private pupils. So I rarely play at home or even listen to my vast collection of CDs. So if anyone wants a beautiful comfortable home at a reasonable price!! THIS is it!

And if anyone has a house they don’t want, in this area, large enough and detached enough for me to sing in at the top of my fairly loud voice (or a few thousands of pounds they don’t need to help me out of this dilemma!) please contact me!

Well, no harm in asking! 😉

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