Tracking down old friends

Sheila Evans, Lenzie Academy, Class 1A 1969

For reasons I won’t go into here, it has become clear to me that if you want to find old school mates, it is MUCH easier to find men than women.


Because women change their names when they marry – at least by tradition.┬áThere are some school friends I would love to trace – Gillian Robertson, where are you? I have had no contact with her for at least 33 years. She might have married a couple of times for all I know.

It occurred to me that any idiot could find me and get in touch so long as they know my current surname. Very few people I have known in the past 30 years would know my maiden name.

Just for the record, if anybody out there is looking for me (I have no reason to think there are people in such a sad state, though!) I was Sheila Evans until I married in 1980, I went to Blackness Primary School, Dundee, Lairdsland Primary, Kirkintilloch, and Lenzie Academy, Lenzie before going to Glasgow University and Jordanhill College of Education.

There – I feel better now!

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