Wedding Music

Recently I had occasion to ask myself how many weddings I had been involved in over the years… from being bridesmaid for my uncle at the age of 6 and later for both my sisters, to playing the organ in various churches and playing in string quartets at civil ceremonies in Eastnor Castle and other venues. Hundreds, probably!

On June 5th, I found I had a different role. My daughter, Helen, was married in Arlingham Church, Gloucestershire. I wasn’t required to play the organ. Helen is a French Horn player and had asked 8 horn friends to provide the music in church. I wasn’t required to play at the reception. “No, Mother, that’s not what you’re there for.” …and a superb jazz pianist had been booked to be followed by a disco.

So I played the role of Mother of the Bride.

It was the most wonderful wedding of all those I have ever attended. My daughter was the most beautiful bride – and no, I’m not just biased! The weather was not too hot, but dry and not too sunny for me (note the big sunglasses in my hand), The service was personal and appropriate; the setting for the reception, in a  marquee on David’s family dairy farm, was perfect and the bride and groom were driven back from church in a 200 year-old open landau drawn by a pair of perfectly matched, stunningly beautiful Gelderlander horses, with Helen’s Springer Spaniel, Tangle, running alongside. It was like something straight out of Pride and Prejudice.

The most impressive thing for me, though, was the smile on my beloved daughter’s face all through her day. May it stay that way for many a long year to come.

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I love being a geek!

I have a new phone…an HTC Desire. It has taken me a while to sort it out to my satisfaction but now I think it is amazing.

I always keep a record of my pupils and their lessons. Now, using Google Docs, all that is ‘in the cloud’ and I can write the records as I go along.

New this week is Swype. This is the means of using a different sort of virtual touch keyboard. It is really intuitive, following finger movements, guessing what word you meant where you are inaccurate, and offering alternatives. I’m hooked! And will probably write screeds now rather than short cryptic notes.

This blog post has been written on my phone while I’m sitting in the corridor in a school between candidates for accompanying in the County Youth auditions.

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