Jacques Loussier Trio

Sunday 17th July, Huntingdon Hall
Just for a change, I actually WENT to a concert and sat in the audience on Sunday in Huntingdon Hall in Worcester.

This restored church was the family place of worship for my Dad in his childhood – his Grandfather’s name appears as one of the benefactors on one of the display boards from around 1927. I went to one of the very last services held here (around 1972 from memory), with a tarpaulin stretched across from balcony to balcony to keep the rain out!

Jacques Loussier is now 71 but his fingers and brain haven’t aged a bit over the years. He is just a phenominal pianist and a consumate jazz artist. But for me it was the double bass player who captivated my attention most of the evening. Benoit Dunoyer De Segonzac – WOW! What an expert!

I bought the DVD and got all three of them to autograph it and as my partner, Stephen (builder of this website) said, “chatted up the bass player – IN FRENCH!” Swoon!

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With a Song in My Heart

Sunday 3rd July – Swan Theatre

I played doube bass in a concert in Swan Theatre , Worcester, with the Elgar Chorale and Great Witley Operatic Society singing, conducted by Donald Hunt. There were four musicians – drums, alto sax, electric piano and ME! We all know how loud a sax can be, drums are not quiet by nature, the piano had a volume control and an amplifier, the solo singer had a microphone and I … had a very sore plucking finger by the end of the night!

I’m not sure whether anyone heard me. I know I played my little heart out and I enjoyed having a go at a different style of music for a change. It was fun improvising a bit with a superb jazz-style pianist, Richard Chew.

Click here to watch a video clip of the rehearsals (2min 5.9mb .wmv file)

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