My downloadable video course Seila Joynes Teaches Music Theory is now up and running and Level One (Grade 1 standard) is now available for purchase.

There is an introductory video which you can buy for the princely sum of 1p, yes, ONE PENNY, or you can watch it at a lesser quality on Google videos for free HERE

This is a second version of an introduction. We made one before we made any of the tutorial videos but we have learned so much since then – lighting, sound, how not to be nervous in front of a camera with Stephen sitting behind it! – that we decided to re-make the whole thing.

We went on location to Elgar’s Birthplace Museum where Chris Bennett, one of the curators, (and the son of the late Jim Bennett, one of my pupils and a much-loved friend) kindly gave us permission to film in the grounds.

This project would never have happened without Stephen. He had the initial idea of making teaching videos for the web – though he had thought of me teaching cello that way – and has since worked very hard, producing, directing, editing and making the most fantastic computer graphics to bring the whole thing to life. I might be the one with the musical knowledge and teaching experience, but Stephen has been the brains where everything else is concerned – especially trying to make the website, PayPal, Cubecart etc work together to allow people to actually purchase anything!

He is a very clever man and I feel very privileged to have him in my life.

After Broadheath, we climbed to the top of the Malvern Hills (well, ok – not the TOP but on top of the ridge…it would have been too windy and I would been too out of breath if we’d climbed Worcestershire Beacon!) to show the world what a beautiful place I live in.

One of Stephen’s close friends, Colin Grimshaw, saw the funny side of the photo of me pointing towards Bredon Hill. He has as daft as sense of humour as we have!

Will these videos take off like the UFO? Well, who knows?….but I firmly believe there is a great need for a clear, simple, accessible and affordable way to help children and adults to gain the knowledge they need to get over the Grade 5 theory hurdle and this is my contribution to that.

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