It’s never too late to start…

My ABRSM exam results came in last week. Congratulations to; –

Amy Surman Grade 2 Theory Merit
Harry Hibell Grade 6 Cello Merit
Jill Crozier Grade 5 Cello Pass

All of the above are special people.

Amy is 11 and working for Grade 5 cello and Grade 2 piano. She is a real star. She gets involved in anything musical suggested to her and loves it all. We went to the BENSLOW TRUST recently to hire a really nice full-size cello for her.

Harry also has a Benslow Trust cello. He is now in the 6th form at the Royal Grammar in Worcester and is working very hard in all respects. He nearly gave me heart failure over this exam but in the end he EVEN passed his scales! Well done, Harry!

And Jill – well, she took up the cello in her fifties and was determined to get her Grade 5 before she reached 60. She did it too!! I can’t tell you how pleased I am for her and how thrilled she is at this achievement.

It’s such a huge pleasure for me to teach people who obviously enjoy their music so much and for whom it is such an enriching experience in their lives no matter what their ages.

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All Change!

Someone once said “A week is a long time in politics” – it is in househunting too!

The Drakes Broughton house fell through.

I’m moving to Worcester!! It’s a detached house so never again shall I upset neighbours with my music nor shall I have to put up with drum and bass through the bedroom wall. AND the new house is within walking distance of my parents, who are now in their 80s.

So… if you are here looking for the next level theory videos, which we were supposed to be making over the Easter Holiday, I’m afraid we haven’t done them yet – too busy with the bubble wrap packing all the breakables. We’ll probably move around mid-May so if I don’t get things done over the Easter Holiday, I shall be back at work and not have time to do anything!

We DO intend to get cracking with the next level of videos as soon as possible and maybe to complete levels 1 to 5 by the end of the summer. Thank you for your patience.

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