January brings the snow…and the rain…

January – Back to routine after the Christmas holidays and “The Bug” – nasty one, that!!

Dates are piling up in my diary – well, they would have been! But my diary is contained in my Palm Tungsten E2, which revolutionised my life when Stephen bought it for me two years ago. In recent months it had begun to have a high pitched scream (not the best thing when you are trying to teach music!) and over the holiday it gave up the ghost altogether.

Now I had a problem. It was all backed up on my computer, but I no longer had a dairy to take with me around the schools.

You see it isn’t just a diary and an MP3 player. Under each person’s name, address date of birth etc, there is a space for making a note. I always use this to write down everything I have covered in each lesson. This clever little device also has “Documents to Go” which allows me to use Excel spreadsheets and Word documents – so I have my registers and timetables for each school handy at all times too.

Needless to say I was going to be pretty lost without it!

Stephen to the rescue! His Palm Treo mobile phone also does all of the above AND is a camera. It is his pride and joy – he used to work for the people who invented Bluetooth and he just loves gadgets and gismos.

But he was prepared to make the umltimate sacrifice and lend it to me until I could get a replacement. Well, of course, I have been bitten by the Treo bug and have ordered one of my own – in RED er… “cranberry” officially! …as opposed to Blackberry I suppose!

This means I won’t have to carry a separate phone, camera and electronic diary! Wonderful stuff. I like gadgets and gismos too!

Dates for YOUR diary!!

Saturday January 26th all day at Malvern College is the
Chandos Young Musician Competition. This link takes you to the timetable for the day.

Sunday January 27th Chandos String Workshop. Vaughan Williams Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis and Variations on Dives and Lazarus.

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