HD arrives!

It’s taken Stephen and I a long time to make and finish the last of the Grade 4 theory modules but at last, it’s ready and on sale here and it’s in High Definition for the first time so that you can count my wrinkles and grey hairs! This one is by far the longest video we have on sale and has a very informative pdf attached along with a devilishly tricky exam paper to fill in at the end!

We actually filmed part of it in France in April 2010 – here we are in October 2011 putting the finishing touches to the editing! It’s amazing how the months fly past when you have to work for a living as well!

Far from sitting back and relaxing before we tackle Grade 5, I have actually been working out what to put in each module already and we hope to start making the first one in the October half term holiday. We are very aware that Grade 5 is what most of our present and potential customers need (indeed, it was the very reason for starting this project in the first place!) but I make no apologies for giving them a really solid foundation in the earlier grades before we tackle all the skills required for this exacting exam.

I had hopes of retirement after we make the Grade 5 modules but The Boss says we should start at the beginning and re-make all the earlier modules in wide-screen HD. Now then, 18 months per module, 15 modules already made, plus at least 5 for Grade 5 – that would make me about 85 and him 93!

Think I’ll go and buy some lottery tickets…

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