Off We Go Again!

For the past few weeks I’ve been avoiding certain aisles in the local supermarket – the ones labelled “Back to School Again!”

Much as I love teaching, I just don’t want the holiday to stop. I’ve had time to be able to catalogue all my DVDs (and whatever music hadn’t already been numbered and filed), spend time with my parents, go shopping for a wedding dress with my daughter, go swimming with my other daughter and go for long walks.

I suppose all good things come to an end and, as I have bills to pay and I haven’t found the Worcestershire unclaimed two million pound lottery ticket during my tidying sessions, I’m in the process of working out timetables and sending out bills.

Also coming up soon is the next CHANDOS concert on Sunday 13th September. This is going to be a most unusual concert for us. Billed as “the lighter side of classical” it has such items as “633 Squadron”, “Peanut Vendor”, “Romancing the Bassoon” (which features jass trio as well as orchestra) and the interestingly-named “Symphony number Five and a Half” which is great fun.

Tickets from MALVERN THEATRES – don’t miss it!

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