Worcester Youth Music String Course 2005

Well, it was wonderful – it always is!! But tiring and, as predicted, I didn’t get much sleep on Saturday night. I was still patrolling the corridor at 1am and then again at 5.15am!

They played all sorts of music, some far too easy so they could just enjoy playing together, some far too hard to stretch the good players. The kids were great – staff jokes were fun – wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Next year’s course is June 23rd to 25th. If you want more information about it or if I can help you enjoy your music in any way, please get in touch.

Here’s a little piece of video. There were two orchestras – Amarillo, the older one, Crazy Frog the younger – and the music was arranged by Rob Marshall. He and Josie Evans were conducting both groups – in tandem! Bear in mind when listening to this that the youngest kids were only 7 and the “recording” was done on my little hand-held camera!

Click here to watch

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From the sublime . . .

This weekend I am off to teach on the Worcester Youth Music String Course which caters for children between the ages of 7 and 15, from Grade 1 to Grade 5 standard. Usually there are about 65 of the little darlings keeping us awake all night with midnight feasts etc – one was even heard practising her violin at 2am once!

The course starts at 5pm Friday – fire drill, pep talk, food then first rehearsal. This is ALWAYS excrutiating and we all wonder how we are going to persuade them to play in tune by the time of the concert on Sunday. They practise a lot on Saturday, have some free time trying to break their arms on the assault course in the afternoon, have a barn dance in the evening and then – they sleep!!

On Sunday their parents arrive to hear what they have achieved – and it is always stunning how much they have improved – not just their playing but their orchestral discipline. They know how to sit when not playing, when to raise their violins up, how to hold the bow in the rest position – all very impressive.

And GREAT fun!!

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Dream of Gerontius – The Performance

The review says it all… but it can’t describe the emotion, elation and satisfaction derived from such a performance. The amazing vision of such a building full of people performing and/or listening to Elgar’s superb and moving music, will remain with me for the rest of my days.

I was very glad to be facing sideways, looking at the conductor and the music, because the enormity of that hall is just stunning from the point of view of the stage. If you don’t believe me look at this picture for a taste of how it felt!

I am used to being on stage, I am used to performing in public and I was not at all nervous – but I WAS thrilled and moved by the whole thing!

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