Start of the new Academic Year

It’s always a wrench – tearing myself away from all those jobs I had intended to get done over the “long” “summer” (what sun?) holiday. I DID manage to sort out all the family photos into video cases marked with the relevant year. I DID manage to sort out all the Tupperware I had been trying to get to since we moved here 3 years ago and even forced myself to throw some of it away. I, or rather, we, did NOT manage to make the 4th video in the Level 4 Theory series – Stephen is still trying to get his head round editing the wedding video so I haven’t had the heart to crack the whip by getting the preparation for it done and waving it under his very nose!

It’s always tiring – going back to work and starting the term at 8am on a Monday morning after a weekend of Chandos rehearsals  and concert (who on earth had the brainwave of moving our mid-year concert from May to September?) came as a bit of a shock.

It’s always rewarding – for example, two of my new pupils… one 7 -year-old on cello who thanked her Mummy for paying for a course of 10 lessons… aaaaaaaaaaaaaw!! and one 6 yr old double bass player on a 10th size instrument who, on his second lesson, handed me an envelope containing this card and a little  green flower brooch he had made.

It’s always nice to find that I still love teaching!

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