Sheila Joynes's Musical Diary

New Theory Videos


They’ve been a while coming – but we’ve finally cracked the technical problems of working with two cameras simultaneously and have Level 4 Module 1 AND Module 2 up for sale in a spanking brand new shop.

The old shop (which will still work but transfers you to the new one) had decided to have a hissy fit and was allowing people to order and pay for their videos but wouldn’t allow them to download them. Not good for PR!

Stephen spent a lot of time working on getting the new one ready. It went live on Friday 12th February and we had our first sale within NINE MINUTES of sending out an email to tell previous customers about it.

We hope to finish Level 4 by Easter and then make the Level 5 videos over the summer.

After that…

…we start again at Level 1 upgrading those to high definition, wide screen too.