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Jack and Jill Update 2


“It is an infringement of Copyright to copy by hand or on blackboard, to print or duplicate, by any process whatever or to make lantern slides of any portion of Words or Music of this Copyright Song without written permission of the Publishers. Legal action will be taken against offenders.”

I have it! It arrived this morning by pdf.

I managed to track down the publishers, who still exist in Sydney, got their permission by email, sent that to the Australian Library and, for the princely sum of $13.95, they sent me a copy.

Unfortunately, as you see above, fascinating in itself, it is very much bound up in copyright law, so I have now removed the words from the February 11th blog.

So – my heartfelt thanks to Carol in Liverpool for picking it up and pointing me in the right direction, J. Albert & son, the publishers, for granting permission, The Australian National Library for tracking it down and sending it to me and, most of all, thanks to the wonderful Internet, without which none of this would have been possible.

PS – I haven’t told my mother yet – a surprise to come!