The Wonders of the Internet

If you haven’t read the next article, I suggest you might want to do that before reading this one!

This morning (Tuesday 2nd June) I had an email from a lady called Carol from Liverpool, who had found my website during HER search for this wonderful lullabye. Her mother used to sing it to Carol’s children, though she remembers the words slightly differently.

An hour later, she sent another email – she had found that the Australian National Library had it listed and would supply copies.


Needless to say it is now on order!

The writers were Bernard Barry and Noel Jackson and the copyright date was 1942. I had tried Googling for this song but had put the first line in my search. Now I discover that if you put the “Jack and Jill” line it comes up with a link to Australia!

So thank you Carol, for finding my blog, thank you Carol for finding the link, and thank you Tim Berners-Lee for inventing the means by which all this could happen!

Now knowing who owns the words and music, of course if there is any objection, I will remove them from this site… but I rather hope that if this is noticed, the author will be tickled pink to know how much they are still loved by at least 8 people in the world that I know of!

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