Sheila Joynes's Musical Diary

Two items of news


The first is about our dear friend, Judith Taylor, fellow blogger of “Not Dead Yet” who this week has been named as a Runner-Up in the Digital Unite Silver Surfer Awards.
We spent a happy day with her in Portcullis House in London this week where she received a certificate and met her MP, Peter Lilley.

The second piece of news is that I have finally decided to put some effort into a cause which has bugged me for years…children not having time to be children because they have hours of homework to do every night of the week.

In my view, if a child, or a teenager, is working hard in school from 9am till 4pm – that’s enough! They should go home, relax, play the piano, go to sports training, visit granny, join Guides or Scouts, belong to a Youth Club – or (Heaven forbid!) sit in front of the telly or computer for a bit! Kids these days are SO stressed and it starts at a ridiculously young age.

So I have started a PETITION TO No.10 – if you click this link, it will take you to the page where you can sign it. Please do! And spread the word.