Sheila Joynes's Musical Diary

I think I’ve arrived!!


Yesterday in Evesham school… lunchtime – long-haired, dyed blonde
lad with guitar in hand looking for a room to “practise” in.
“You can use mine – I’m about to take choir practice so I don’t need
it for 40 minutes.”
“Cool, miss”.

End of lunchtime – out of my room (about 8ft by 10ft and with full
drumkit in it) come three other equally colourful lads carrying amps,
drumsticks etc and one young girl, name of Paris, plum-coloured hair,
several chunky belts and chains (non uniform “jeans for genes” day) –
you get the picture.

I chatted with them for a bit

then Paris said “This is my piano teacher – she’s awesome!”

Lad behind her – “Yeah – she’s a Dude!”

Praise indeed!