Sheila Joynes's Musical Diary

Chandos Symphony Orchestra


It was stunning – well, the whole concert was good, but the slow 2nd movement of the Malcom Arnold Symphony number 5 has to rank as probably THE best sound I have ever heard Chandos produce. There was a magic which rarely happens – everybody watching and listening, responding to the moment and playing as one person, a sheen on the sound of the string section, the emotion of the music touching every one of us.

Michael Lloyd, you are a genius!! (That’s our conductor, in case you were in any doubt!)

I didn’t know this piece before. It will be among my favourites now for the rest of my days.

Meanwhile – I sold my house for the full asking price, just 9 days after the sign went up! So by using I have saved myself a whole £2,400 in estate agent’s fees!! Clever girl!

But now I have a large problem – there is nothing on the market around here at a price I can afford which will allow me to solve the problem of making lots of noise (or even music!) in my house without disturbing the neighbours. I just long to be able to burst into West Side story at the top of my voice or to say to a bunch of friends “Come on round and play some quartets” – is it too much to ask?