Sheila Joynes's Musical Diary




August is always a strange month. When it starts you think you have ages yet till school term starts. Then before you seem to have had a couple of days off, it’s gone!

Usually I continue teaching over the holidays – not as much or as regular hours, but it is the one time youngsters have time to practise without the pressure of school and for adults it’s no different from any other time.

Of course, people (except me!) go away on holiday so it is all a little more disjointed but it does generally allow momentum to keep up rather than the long gap which would otherwise happen.

So now I need to sit down and work ot how to fit them all in next term!


Weddings, a concert and on 22nd August the installation of my good friend, Anthony Swaby as Vicar at St Anne’s Church, Willenhall, at which I have the delightful honour of playing the organ. So I need to brush the dust off my organ shoes and go up there to make friends with The Beast (the organ, not Anthony!) on Friday!